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Hydrating Body Oil

Beauty Is Seen In The Glow

Dull-looking skin could be dreadful to many of us. Inevitably, through the daily routine of cleansing our skin, the natural oil produced by our skin is lost. This natural oil production can also reduce or slow down in the ageing process.

When trying to find the best solution to maintain the hydration of our skin, we often have little doubt of turning to body lotions; however, we will soon notice that body lotions leave our skin dry again too quickly.

To retain the glow of your skin and provide it with the nourishment that it could have lost, Vose Vianne Hydrating Body Oil is the perfect way of making this happen. Vose Vianne Hydrating Body Oil maintains your skin in a hydrated state for a longer period, soaks quickly and deeply into your skin and makes it look soft, nourished and elastic.

Vose Vianne Hydrating Body Oil is also purely plant based and naturally scented by pure essential oil.

Plant Biology
  • Locking moisture into your skin for a longer period

  • Increasing skin moisture level

  • Delaying skin aging

  • Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improving elasticity and softness of your skin

  • Giving off a natural-looking glow on your skin

  • Maintaining a balanced skin tone

  • Enhancing the overall appearance and quality of your skin

  • Naturally scented(Enriched by pure essential oils)

  • Plant-based


Enriched by Pure Essential Oils